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Hunters and Fishermen Association of NSW Inc.

Artemis Gun Club

“Artemis” started in 1986 by a small number of Greek hunters who wondered how many Greeks share the same interest and if combined as a group, will be easiest to find locations or farms for shootings, also to meet weekly and expose others to the experience of the sooting and where to find it. A group of Greek fishermen joint Artemis and was later decided that, would be expanded to Hunters and Fishermen club.
A proper shooting club, later 1988, was consecrated.

In the mean time whilst our club was fully formed, the NSW government introduced strict shooting gun laws, after an event (Port Arthur massacre in 1996), where people were gunned down by a person who legally held a gun licence.
One of the new rules states: to be able to hold a gun you MUST be a member of a shooting or any other Gun club. That was a boom for our club where it jump from few hundred to thousands,

We are now extended to target shooting and our members are from all NSW (and not only Greeks).
Seven members of our committee hold gun instructors license and every Tuesday we hold test for any one who wishes to become a hunter or target shooter.
Also, we invite instructors from NSW Waterway and our members are able if they wish to apply for boat license.

The club is open every Tuesday from 4 pm till 9 pm or later, our phone number is 8056 7525

Our eMail address is

Established 1988

Foundation members

Elias Thiveos
Dimitrios Gatsios
Dennis Giatras
George Balassis
Nikolaos Haikalhs
George Kounavis
Denis Kotis
George Georgiou
Constantinos Gatsios
Andreas Marinos
John Mihalas
Sotirios Gianopoulos
Spiros Nikas
John Balassis
Con Selimiotis
Nikos Katsenos
Harry margaritis
Nick Mourtzis
Peter Coplin
Harry Coplin
Con Fakinos
Paul Paraskevoulis
George Dimopoulos
Stelios Likoudis
Cecil kalis
Con Antoniou
Steve Kouloumoundris
Eftihios Xanthoudakis
Con Stathis
Sotirios Gianopoulos
John Balikouras